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Soliloquy facilitates listening comprehension and speaking practice with the iPad


Soliloquy is an innovative educational application for the iPad allowing language learners and their instructors to interact through audio recordings inside or outside the classroom in a way that complements the course curriculum. With Soliloquy, instructors can create a variety of tasks for their students centered around an audio file and an instructional prompt. Sample tasks might include pronunciation exercises; listening or reading passages with aural/oral comprehension questions; images or embedded videos for description or narration; or simulated interviews where students answer a series of questions posed by the teacher. Independent language learners will also find Soliloquy useful in their listening and speaking practice.

Soliloquy is a powerful audio recording tool with a flexible range of applications. Students listen to an original audio prompt or recording, then record their own responses that are inserted into the original audio track without recording over it. Instructors can then listen to their students’ recordings and comment on pronunciation, grammatical accuracy, structure, vocabulary choice, etc. Soliloquy-based tasks add a new dimension to even the most recent voice authoring tools while drawing on some of the best features of the traditional language lab.